Phu Tuong Garment Co., Ltd donates face masks to People’s Committee of Dien Phuoc Commune and Da Nang City Police to support fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

An ongoing outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus, currently designated as the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), was reported recently. However, as SARS-CoV-2 is an emerging virus, we know little about The newly identified SARS-CoV-2 has caused a large number of deaths with more than 165000 confirmed cases worldwide, posing a serious threat to public health.

As soon as the emergence of an acute respiratory infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in response to the Government’s call, Phu Tuong Co., Ltd.’s research team actively researched the raw materials and process of producing personal protective equipment and producing masks with the antibacterial cloth.

On March 31, 2020, Mr Phu and Mr Tu handed over the made-in-Phu Tuong masks to Chairman of Dien Phuoc Commune People’s Committee and Head of Public Security of Da Nang city. They were very happy and expressed their gratitude to Phu Tuong Garment Co., Ltd.

Phu Dinh Duy gives a box symbolizing a batch of face masks to Chairman of Dien Phuoc Commune People’s Committee in Quang Nam, March 31, 2020.
The donation ceremony was held on March 31, 2020, in Da Nang city

The mask consists of 2 layers that can kill up to 90%; Preventing dust and particles from the respiratory tract of people containing pathogenic bacteria helps limit the growth of bacteria and mould. Besides, masks are made from antibacterial knitted fabric that is safe for skin, breathable, good moisture absorption to help reduce the feeling of itching or discomfort when worn for a long time. In particular, this material can be washed and reused over 30 times to maintain antibacterial function.

As a brand with more than 10 years of experience, Phu Tuong Garment Co., Ltd has received the trust of many customers. In the current complex epidemic situation, the business declares to accompany the government to fight the pandemic. The company will provide the best products to consumers.

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